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Man held a woman against her will at his apartment and threatened to slit her throat in a heated argument over a meal that took a sinister turn

A disturbing incident emerged last weekend when a man allegedly detained a woman against her will after a disagreement over a meal took a sinister turn. The 30-year-old man is now in police custody, facing serious charges of kidnapping and domestic battery. The altercation reportedly involved threats of violence and starvation, painting a chilling scene that culminated in law enforcement’s forced entry into his residence.

Law enforcement from the sheriff’s department, on Saturday, Sept. 9, acted upon a tip about a female adult being held hostage in an apartment. This information came after a third-party shared a text they received from the alleged victim, which read, “He’s holding me hostage,” seemingly pointing to the 30-year-old man, John M.

Upon arriving at the address, first responders said they knocked on the door in an attempt to make contact with John or the victim but no one answered, per the report. After several attempts, deputies forced their way into the apartment and announced they were law enforcement. Soon after entering the apartment, deputies said they spotted the victim coming out of a room and down a hallway with John following close behind as she yelled for him to “get the [expletive] away from me,” according to a report from a news outlet. Deputies then placed John into custody.

In an interview with the victim, she reportedly told police that she and John got into a heated argument because John was “supposed to bring her back McDonald’s, but did not because ‘she was being a selfish b—- and didn’t answer the phone.’” The ensuing argument quickly escalated, with John allegedly telling the victim, “I’m going to f—ing choke you to death and watch you lay there,” and “I am going to put you in the basement and starve you to death while I eat in front of you,” the affidavit reportedly states.

The victim also claimed that John restrained her by gripping her around the neck, holding her in place and tearing her shirt. “[S]econds before deputies arrived, John was restraining [the victim] by her neck, refusing to let her go, with one hand and holding a knife up to her with his other hand and stated, ‘I’m going to slit your f—ing throat,’” deputies wrote. The victim’s name, age, and relationship to John have not been reported. John was being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail without bond as of last week.

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