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Man who administered “dangerous anesthetics” to his girlfriend through an IV station and watched her condition deteriorate daily to the point where she weighed 83 pounds at the time of her death faces up to 55 years in prison

In a case that has captured the attention of the whole country, a renowned dentist has been declared guilty of murdering his 25-year-old girlfriend. The woman lost her life in January 2022 due to an overdose of anesthetics, which were administered using an IV station her boyfriend had meticulously set up in their shared residence.

The conviction came swiftly, as the jury, after nearly three hours of deliberations, found the 50-year-old oral surgeon James guilty of one count of second-degree depraved heart murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter. He was also found guilty of possession with the intent to distribute midazolam, as well as the distribution of ketamine and diazepam, all of which are potent sedatives.

Prosecutors said while speaking to the jurors that James, with his comprehensive knowledge and training, was undoubtedly aware of the deadly nature of these drugs. Regardless, he watched his girlfriend Sarah’s condition worsen as he continued administering or instructing her to self-administer the lethal doses. They emotionally stated, “Every time he gave her those drugs, a little bit of Sarah died.”

By the time of her death on January 26, 2022, Sarah weighed a meager 83 pounds. Used hypodermic needles and controlled substance vials were present at the distressing scene of her lifeless body. Although James informed the police that she appeared “okay” the preceding night, an autopsy later revealed the cause of death to be intoxication from ketamine and diazepam.

A search of the couple’s home unearthed a chilling array of substances and paraphernalia: propofol, ketamine, diazepam, midazolam, hypodermic needles, syringes, and a tourniquet. Police Chief Marcus reported that James had been consistently providing and often personally administering these anesthetics to Sarah.

The relationship’s sinister undertones were further exposed through the couple’s text exchanges. Sarah frequently requested drugs from her dentist boyfriend’s clinic. In one particularly haunting text, Sarah pleaded for propofol and ketamine, to which James promptly agreed.

Prosecutors said that James showed “extreme indifference” to Sarah’s life by continually bringing her drugs and often leaving her alone attached to the IV while he went to bed. This negligence was further corroborated by Sarah’s family members, who expressed concerns over her deteriorating health, evident in the visible needle marks and bruises on her arms.

James’ defense argued that Sarah’s death resulted from either a suicide or a self-inflicted accidental overdose due to her mental health struggles. James refrained from testifying during his trial and now faces a sentence of up to 55 years in prison.

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