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Three criminals led police on a chase for a second time in just one week and crashed in a field; one of them was passing in and out during the arrest due to the amount of drugs he ingested

A dramatic high-speed chase resulted in the exposure and subsequent dismantling of a suspected fentanyl distribution ring that spanned two states. The event, which saw three men crashing their vehicle into a cornfield and attempting a desperate escape on foot, unveiled a deeper web of drug trafficking, collaboration, and criminal activity.

A large-scale drug operation suspected of distributing fentanyl across two states was dismantled following a high-speed chase. This incident culminated in three arrests when the suspects crashed their vehicle into a cornfield, subsequently attempting to flee on foot, evading search dogs.

Around 4 a.m. on Aug. 10, the combined forces of several agencies Marquis C., Treveonta P., and Marcus W. due to suspicions of their criminal involvement.

Treveonta, according to authorities, had previously sold hundreds of fentanyl pills to an undercover officer in June. He was purportedly collaborating with Marcus and Marquis in transporting these drugs from Milwaukee and Illinois. Reportedly, on one occasion, the group attempted to sell over 700 pills to an undercover agent.

As officers attempted to halt their vehicle, they deployed devices to deflate the car’s tires. However, the suspects proceeded to drive over them, ultimately crashing into a cornfield.

During their escape, the suspects allegedly discarded drug-related evidence. The police claim to have found baggies, some containing blue pills matching those discovered inside their vehicle. Other items retrieved included cocaine and a pistol loaded with 19 rounds.

While Treveonta and Marcus were quickly arrested, Marquis eluded capture for approximately two hours. His eventual apprehension was credited to the assistance of search dogs.

Authorities reported that Treveonta had ingested fentanyl at the time of his arrest and was passing in and out of consciousness. After being admitted to a hospital, Treveonta confessed to drug consumption, specifying the intake of substances like ecstasy and Percocet.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the trio’s first encounter with the police. Just over a week prior, they were pursued for speeding at 90 mph. However, the chase was abandoned due to public safety concerns.

The accused now face multiple charges, ranging from drug-related felonies to weapons violations. Specific charges encompass felonious possession, production, and intent to distribute fentanyl, as well as the unlawful possession of firearms. Additional charges include bail jumping, and Marcus was cited for contempt after declining to sign bail documents.

The court determined bonds for Marquis, Treveonta, and Marcus at $500,000, $754,100, and $599,000 respectively. All three remain in custody.

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