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Police investigate shooting incident at downtown Roanoke bar that left one injured

Roanoke, Virginia – In a concerning turn of events, a shooting occurred at a downtown Roanoke bar, resulting in at least one person being injured, according to police reports. The incident unfolded at the Status bar, located at the intersection of Williamson Rd. SE and Kirk Ave. SE.

Details of the Incident

The shooting happened early Sunday morning, prompting a swift response from local law enforcement. Officers arrived at the scene to investigate the situation. According to WDBJ7, authorities at the scene reported that a gun was drawn inside the lounge, leading to the shooting of at least one individual. Details regarding the severity of the injuries or if there were additional victims were not immediately clear at the time.

As a precautionary measure and for investigative purposes, the area around the incident was cordoned off with crime scene tape by 3 a.m. The presence of the tape indicates a thorough investigation was underway.

Ongoing Investigation and No Arrests Yet

As of the latest updates, no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting. The Roanoke Police are likely continuing their investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident and identify any suspects involved.

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