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Roanoke announces winner of innovative housing design contest

Roanoke, Virginia – The City of Roanoke has made an announcement regarding the winner of a contest that could change the future of residential housing in the area. Steve Sunderman of Terrazia Architecture has taken the top honors in the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) design contest. ADUs are compact, efficient homes constructed on the same grounds as existing residential properties, offering a practical answer to the growing need for affordable housing solutions and spaces where family members can live nearby with independence and dignity.

Sunderman’s winning approach wasn’t just about creating additional living spaces; it was deeply rooted in a philosophy of sustainability and resilience. “Try to leave a better place for my children and grandchildren and generations to come. So, I focus heavily on sustainability and resiliency in terms of building design,” Sunderman stated.

ADUs represent an innovative step forward in addressing housing challenges, providing an opportunity for homeowners to expand their living arrangements without the need to purchase new land. They serve multiple purposes, from offering an affordable housing option to residents and newcomers alike, to allowing aging family members to live close by yet maintain their autonomy.

For those interested in viewing the designs submitted by Sunderman, as well as those who achieved second and third places in the contest, click here.

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