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6 yo boy pointed a gun he previously took from his mother’s purse and shot his teacher in the upper body before saying something that chilled a reading specialist to the bone

This shocking incident sent shock waves across the nation and fueled debates about gun safety, parental responsibility, and the management of students with special needs. The horrifying details of the incident were recently revealed in court documents, shedding light on the boy’s actions and the subsequent events that took place within the school’s walls.

A six-year-old boy has been accused of shooting his first grade teacher, Abigail Z. The incident, which transpired on January 6, shortly after the students returned from recess, was recently brought to the forefront due to unsealed court documents revealing chilling details of the child’s actions and words.

Following the horrific incident, the boy shockingly boasted about the act. When a reading specialist named Amy K. intervened after hearing the gunshot, the child openly admitted to her, “I did it. I got my mom’s gun last night.”

The details of the shooting are deeply distressing. As described, during a reading exercise, Ms. Abigail separated her students into two groups. At that moment, the six-year-old boy pulled a gun from his backpack and aimed it directly at her. Despite her alarm and desperate plea, “What are you doing with that?” the boy proceeded to fire, injuring Ms. Abigail in the hand and upper torso. In the chaotic aftermath, both she and numerous students fled the classroom.

Amy, having witnessed the injured teacher running past her bleeding, bravely intervened. She discovered the boy in the classroom with a gun on the floor, grabbed his hand, and calmly walked him to the front of the room until the police arrived. As they awaited the authorities, the child’s words were chillingly nonchalant. He disclosed that he had only loaded one bullet and disturbingly remarked, “I shot the b—- dead.”

Adding another layer to this incident is the boy’s troubling history. Court documents shed light on a previous episode where he reportedly choked a retired teacher to a point where she almost couldn’t breathe.

Although the student has a known “acute disability” and his care plan includes parental presence during school, shockingly, neither parent was present on the fateful day. As for legal consequences, while the boy has yet to face charges, his mother, Deja T., stands accused of felony child neglect and a misdemeanor count of leaving a firearm in a way that could endanger a child. Deja’s defense remains that her gun was securely placed in her purse with a trigger lock on a high shelf.

Ms. Abigail has filed a lawsuit amounting to $40 million against the school. She alleges that the school administration had prior knowledge of the student’s violent tendencies but failed to take sufficient action, either leading up to or on the day of the shooting. The case raises grave concerns about safety, vigilance, and the necessary precautions schools must undertake.

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