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Toddler died from blunt force injuries to his head and torso after his mother’s boyfriend threw him against the wall in anger because the child woke him up

In a harrowing incident that took place last month a 2-year-old boy lost his life in a most brutal manner. The young boy was found dead in the home where his mother’s 23-year-old boyfriend. The police made the discovery around noon on August 27 as they responded to a 911 call, revealing a boy with severe bruising on his stomach.

According to reports, the violent incident was sparked after the toddler, Nasir woke Latrell from his sleep. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, Latrell allegedly threw Nasir against a wall. This cruel act led to the child’s subsequent injuries and, eventually, his tragic death. After the toddler was found in such a grievous state, he was promptly taken to hospital. Unfortunately, medics could do little to save his life, and he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

Latrell was formally arrested by the police one day after they responded to the report. He faces severe charges, including murder in the second-degree and three counts of manslaughter. During an interrogation with Assistant Chief of Detectives, Joe K., Latrell confessed to the violent act. He admitted to the police that in his anger, he had shoved Nasir off a bed, which resulted in the child striking his head on a floor vent. However, this account starkly contrasts with the injuries discovered on Nasir’s body.

The Medical Examiner’s Office provided further details into the child’s injuries. Nasir died of blunt force injuries sustained to his head and torso. The autopsy revealed a fractured skull, massive internal injuries, including six liver lacerations, internal hemorrhaging in multiple organs, and a profusion of bruises on the neck, face, and torso. Given the severity and nature of these injuries, the explanation provided by Latrell was found inconsistent, suggesting that the child suffered “multiple inflicted blunt force traumas”.

Adding to the growing evidence against Latrell, the boy’s mother informed investigators that before leaving her son with Latrell on the fatal day, Nasir exhibited no signs of physical harm – no marks, bruises, or any injuries.

In light of these grim details, Latrell was presented before the court. The judge ordered that he be held without bail. It’s worth noting that Latrell isn’t entirely new to brushes with the law, having a previous arrest record for reckless driving, as shared by Detective Joe.

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