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Jealous woman kills friend during a sleepover at the victim’s house for allegedly having an affair with her boyfriend before stealing all her expensive belongings and accusing the man of the murder

Authorities needed nearly three months to figure out what had happened after a woman was found dead in her apartment while her 7-year-old daughter was staying next to the mother thinking that she was sleeping.

According to court documents made public just a few days ago, authorities were able to find more evidence and details about a murder that took place in late June at a Tx. residence. The victim in the case is a 29-year-old woman, identified as Laurielle F., who was found dead in her bed with a single shot in her head while her 7-year-old daughter was staying next to her, thinking that the woman was sleeping. Police needed nearly three months to discover what really happened because the victim’s best friend, identified as Lakiri T., was lying about everything as she told police that her boyfriend was responsible for the murder.

Fortunately for the investigators, the victim’s apartment complex had surveillance cameras, which helped a lot in shedding light on the case. According to the police, Lakiri and her boyfriend were in the victim’s house the fatal night at a sleepover. Just ten minutes before the fatal shooting, Lakiri was seen going outside with the victim’s cell phone in her hands before going back into the apartment. She then told the victim’s 7-year-old daughter to get outside the bedroom and shot Laurielle in the head, leaving her dead. When the little girl returned to the bedroom, Lakiri covered Laurielle with a blanket and told the little girl her mother was sleeping.

After the fatal shooting, Lakiri and her boyfriend are seen leaving the residence with several bags in their hands. However, the duo was seen on camera returning to the home several times afterwards and each time leaving with different items, including Faulk’s Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags, the affidavit says. She also took Laurielle’s phone, and in the next several hours, she pretended to be Laurielle while posting on social media and texting with some of her family relatives. Police said Lakiri tried to convince Laurielle’s relatives that a man was the killer. That’s why the authorities needed more time to discover what really happened that night.

The investigation showed that Lakiri found some flirtatious text messages on Laurielle’s cell phone when she scrolled outside the apartment while the victim was sleeping. She taught that her friend was flirting with her boyfriend and shot her to death minutes after seeing the messages on Laurielle’s phone. Lakiri left the dead body inside the residence for several hours before calling 911 in the evening hours. Nearly two weeks after the deadly shooting, the suspect was once again caught on camera breaking a window and going inside. She allegedly “took so many items from the apartment; she was not strong enough to carry a basket,” the affidavit said. She had to drag it all the way to the parking lot.

In mid-July, the shooter was arrested and held in jail without bond. The most recent finding by the police will most certainly place Lakiri in jail for decades.

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