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Woman held captive three people and barricaded herself with her three children inside the home; moments later their dead bodies were found by police

An incident resulted in the tragic deaths of an adult woman and her three children, as confirmed by authorities.

Earlier this year, there were indicators concerning the mental well-being of the 39-year-old woman. One of the young victims’ fathers highlighted concerns about her behavior and state of mind. On July 20, following a standoff with the police at her residence, it was determined that Brandy M. had fatally shot her children — Noe, 11, Bryce, 6, and Billy, 9 months — before turning the weapon on herself.

Billy J, the father of the youngest child, spoke to Fox 23 about prior incidents. In January, Brandy had attempted to take her own life, and her nephew intervened to prevent it. Subsequent to this, Jacobson secured emergency custody of their shared child. He noted that after about a month and some treatment, Brandy was granted supervised visitation rights, a decision which left him apprehensive.

Police made the grim discovery after entering Brandy’s residence, where they found the four deceased.

“It was determined that Brandy shot all three kids and then turned the weapon on herself,” authorities said.

Police Chief Jack S. said that an unidentified woman brought one of Brandy’s children over for a supervised visit, along with two other children. Brandy then pointed a gun at the woman, took her own child and locked the woman and the two other children the woman brought with her in the garage.

While locked in the garage, the woman set off a Roman candle firework through a broken window to attract attention in hopes of getting help. When police arrived, the woman and the other two children she brought with her were able to escape, Police Chief Jack said.

“Negotiations quickly began, as they worked to make contact with 39-year-old Brandy. A stand-off ensued for the next three hours.

“After no response, officers made entry into the home where they found Brandy, along with her three children, dead inside,” the bureau continued.

Josh K, a pastor acquainted with Brandy, commented on the tragedy. He mentioned her long-term struggles, suggesting that she might have been undergoing a mental health crisis during this event. Kerr further mentioned the prevalent issues of family suicides, drug use, and community challenges.

Billy also told Fox 23 he wants laws to better protect children in cases like this.

“We got to have some checks and balances and some accountability when it comes to mental health in this state, because as it sits now, it cost my baby his life and it cost two other, two kids that I consider my children, their lives too,” he said.

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