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Parents firsthand witness daycare worker hitting 4-year-old on his head and throwing him to the ground multiple times despite the child being calm before the incident; charged

Last week, the 67-year-old woman, identified as Vivian, was arrested and charged with repeatedly beating a minor child she was taking care of for no apparent reason. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera, which was later used in the case as evidence.

According to the publicly available court records, Vivian, a former director at a daycare facility, is facing one count of felony second-degree cruelty to children for the incident that took place several days before she was arrested. The arrest came after several days of intensive efforts by the victim’s parents to obtain and get into possession of the video that was showing the incident. Jordan and Samerramise, the victim’s parents, decided to publicly speak about the incident in an effort to raise awareness and hopefully prevent similar incidents in the future.

Speaking to a local station, the couple decided to go forward and uncover the incident after the parents of another child who goes to the same Ga. facility witnessed the incident firsthand. According to them, the parents saw just part of what had happened but didn’t do anything to stop the teacher. Instead, they informed the victim’s parents and told them what happened in the daycare where the child had been regularly going for nearly three years. The parents then pushed in every direction to get access to the video later used as evidence against the woman, ultimately leading to her arrest and charges.

Although the video has no sound and is of low quality, it clearly shows the daycare worker sitting on a chair next to the innocent child who is sitting on the floor. For no apparent reason, Vivian is seen hitting the little boy 5–6 times on his back and head, then picking him up off of the floor by his neck or collar, grabbing him by the neck, and repeatedly shking him before throwing him back to the ground. Despite the low quality of the video, authorities were able to confirm those seen in the video by their clothes.

Vivian refused to show the surveillance video of the incident for six days. At last, she allowed them to see the video on her computer, and the parents recorded part of it with their cell phones and went to the police. Obviously, they were surprised, devastated, and disappointed that Vivian, the person who they trusted the most since she had been taking care of the boy for nearly three years, did the horrible thing to the child.

Vivian was arrested and later released after posting a surety bond of $7,500, records show. The daycare facility where Vivian worked released a statement to the media informing the public that she was fired from the facility immediately after police informed them about the incident.

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