Virginia’s Passenger Rail sees record ridership in 2023

Richmond, Virginia – Passenger rail services in Virginia are experiencing a notable increase in popularity, as evidenced by recent ridership records.

Presently, Virginia facilitates eight daily roundtrips through Amtrak’s Northeast Regional service, commencing from key cities including Roanoke, Norfolk, Newport News, and Richmond.

The Board of Directors for the Virginia Passenger Rail Authority convened in Richmond to discuss the state of affairs.

DJ Stadtler, the Executive Director, remarked on the evident enthusiasm for rail travel, stating that individuals are “flocking to the trains.” Stadtler expressed optimism about this upward trajectory, emphasizing the state’s commitment to enhancing services and collaborating with partners to ensure punctuality.

Highlighting a significant milestone, Stadtler noted, “July of 2023 was the first month of the fiscal year and also the largest ridership month we have ever seen in Virginia with over 125,000 passengers.”

As part of Virginia’s forward-thinking rail strategy, plans are in place to extend the passenger rail service to the New River Valley. However, specific details about the implementation timeline remain to be finalized.

While the recent board meeting did not present any groundbreaking announcements regarding this expansion, officials confirmed that both planning and design processes are actively progressing. The board anticipates receiving a more detailed update on the matter by either December or January.

Donald Wolfe

Donald’s writings have appeared in HuffPost, Washington Examiner, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Virginian-Pilot, among other publications. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He is the Virginian Tribune's Publisher.

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