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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alerts on tax scams as April 15 approaches

Roanoke, Virginia – As we approach the April 15 tax filing deadline, taxpayers are advised to stay vigilant as scammers become increasingly active during this period.

Tax season often brings a surge in fraudulent activities aimed at both taxpayers and tax professionals. The stress of filing taxes can make individuals more susceptible to scams, particularly those unfamiliar with the process. Experts stress the importance of researching and ensuring the legitimacy of any tax service used.

This year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a warning regarding a ‘new client’ scam targeting tax professionals. Scammers, posing as potential clients, send emails with links or attachments. Once these are opened, the fraudsters gain access to personal data needed to file tax returns and unlawfully claim refunds.

Tax professionals are urged to exercise caution, avoiding suspicious emails and thoroughly vetting new clients. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also warns taxpayers against fake services. It’s crucial to research any business before entrusting them with sensitive financial information.

A common scam involves fraudsters calling taxpayers, posing as the IRS, and demanding payment over the phone. The IRS, however, does not make such calls for payment. Many fall victim to this scam each year, resulting in financial losses.

To protect against these scams, the BBB recommends filing taxes as early as possible. Early filing can help taxpayers recognize fraudulent demands for tax payments, as they will already know their tax obligations have been fulfilled.

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