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Cop scratched 72-year-old man’s car, then bull-rushed him on the ground and started brutally punching him, but passerby caught everything on video

A police department finds itself under scrutiny after an 18-year veteran of the force was accused of assaulting a 72-year-old man while off-duty. The incident, which took place near a local beach, was partially captured on a cell phone video, further igniting public interest. The subsequent arrest and charges against the police officer have raised concerns about police conduct and the safety of citizens, particularly the elderly.

The police officer is currently on paid administrative leave following allegations of assaulting a 72-year-old man while not on official duty.

Harry H. was returning home when he noticed Sgt. Scott S. near a local beach with a paddleboard. As per news outlets, Harry said that Scott struck his car with the paddleboard, leading Harry to confront him, asking, “Why did you hit my car? That’s all I said.” According to Harry, Scott proceeded to knock him down and allegedly assault him. “He bull-rushed me down to the ground… He pounded away, I’m like this trying to protect myself from getting hit worse.”

Subsequent footage shows Scott positioned over Harry, adjacent to the car. As the person recording approaches the two men, Scott rises from Harry and begins to walk away before appearing to push the 72-year-old. The video captures the aftermath of the alleged altercation, with Harry displaying visible injuries.

Police subsequently arrested Scott, charging him with assault and battery on an individual over 60, resulting in injury. Following his arrest, he was released on personal recognizance with instructions to avoid any contact with Harry. The police department has since placed him on paid administrative leave.

Harry commented on the incident, expressing his disbelief at the situation, especially considering Scott’s position: “Here I am, 72 years old. I shouldn’t be taking a punch from anybody, let alone a police sergeant.”

Official reports corroborate Harry’s injuries, detailing multiple facial abrasions and swelling. The police department is conducting an internal review, with Scott, an 18-year veteran of the force and a sergeant since 2019, expected to appear in court in September.

Click here to see the footage.

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