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Tucker Carlson’s new book to expose Trump’s wild behavior at Trump’s golf resort and comments about the ‘beer girls’

In an insightful revelation that serves to unveil yet another facet of former President Donald Trump’s character, Tucker Carlson disclosed an incident involving Trump’s discernible interest in the ‘beer girls’ at his luxurious golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

This intriguing anecdote surfaced in the context of a viral photo, wherein Trump is captured alongside Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The photo, exhibits the trio in watching the LIV Golf Bedminster Invitational in the summer of July last year. The details of this photo have now been explained by Carlson in a conversation with his biographer, Chadwick Moore, who is piecing together the multifaceted life of the television personality for the forthcoming book entitled “Tucker,” slated for an August 1 release.

‘He was talking about the beer girls,’ Carlson recalled, as reported by Daily Mail. ‘”Look at those beer girls? Can you believe they have legs like that? You can’t make legs like that, that’s genetics! The human genome explains that,”‘ the former Fox News host quoted Trump as saying.

Carlson thought the commentary was hilarious.

‘That’s what he was saying, and I love that. You’re telling me something that amuses the hell out of me. Because it’s rooted in truth and it’s unexpected. I’m the perfect audience for that,’ Carlson recalled.

Carlson, who now hosts his very own show on Twitter, has opened up about his own aversion to the sport. He says he is not able to play gold citing an absence of coordination and the challenge posed by being left-handed.

Carlson has further offered a deeper examination of his perceptions regarding former President Donald Trump. According to Carlson, Trump harbors an ingrained sense of duty to entertain those within his sphere of influence—a sentiment, he believes, that also permeates the president’s inner circle.

However, the multi-layered relationship between Carlson and Trump reveals a terrain marked by complexity and contradiction. Recently disclosed text messages from the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against Fox News Channel have unveiled a less-than-flattering view of Trump, expressed privately by Carlson.

In the aftermath of the incendiary Capitol attack on January 6, Carlson’s words were rife with emotion and disapproval, referring to Trump as a ‘demonic force’ and a ‘destroyer.’

Carlson’s biographer, Chadwick Moore, responded to these revelations with a discerning observation that will likely resonate with astute observers of the Fox host. He noted that Carlson’s ambivalence towards Trump should hardly come as a surprise, as he “seemed to like Trumpism while studiously keeping Trump at arm’s length.”

‘Do I like Trump? I love Trump,’ Carlson told Moore in one of their sit-downs after the text messages had been revealed. ‘But there are so many levels to Trump. He was a completely ineffectual president. He couldn’t manage my household. He’s not a manager, and that’s very frustrating to watch.’

Carlson placed some of the blame on the people Trump hired. That being said, Carlson described having dinner with Trump as ‘one of the great joys in the world.’

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