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Roanoke residents welcome another Dollar General store in the area amid high inflation and skyrocketing prices

Roanoke, Virginia – For millions of Americans, the record-high inflation in decades and skyrocketing prices are getting out of hand as a growing number of people are forced to choose between buying food and paying their monthly bills. Getting a second job is not an option for many since a recession is looming and businesses are not really interested in hiring new employees amid efforts to lower costs. Financial uncertainty is a thing for an increasing number of Americans, and some experts warn that the situation might get worse in the upcoming period.

According to several reports from earlier this year, wealthier Americans are shopping more frequently in the country’s largest dollar-store chains in an effort to find lower-priced goods. Both Dollar Tree and Dollar General are seeing higher sales and profits this year as a result of the growing number of high-income customers. In the second quarter, Dollar General’s revenue was $9.4 billion — a 9% increase from a year ago — while the retailer’s net profit also grew by more than 6%, Todd Vasos, CEO of Dollar General, said on a call with analysts earlier this year.

The number of Dollar General stores across the nation has been constantly on the rise in recent years. Right now, Dollar General has more than 18,000 active locations nationwide, and the company wants to take advantage of the influx of new customers and open as many stores as possible. As a part of their plan, Dollar General opened their most recent store in the Roanoke area making it more convenient and accessible for local residents who are seeking more affordable shopping alternatives.

Dollar General opened a store at 10624 Stewartsville Road in Vinton on Monday, December 19. From household products to fresh produce, the Vinton store will offer the well-known affordable items to its customers, according to the Dollar General’s press team. In addition, Dollar General officials said that the store’s produce selection offers the top 20 items traditionally sold in a grocery store and covers about 80 percent of produce options. The new location will also have selections for home décor and party decorations.

“We look forward to welcoming customers to our new store and hope they will enjoy shopping at our new location,” said Matthew Simonsen, Dollar General’s senior vice president of real estate and store development.

For many budget-conscious shoppers, Dollar General is the first choice due to its everyday low prices on a wide range of products, weekly promotions, extended operation hours, and convenient store locations. Additional details about the Vinton store’s operating hours can be found here.

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