Virginia Red Cross volunteers deploy to Texas as Hurricane Beryl approaches

Richmond, Virginia – The Red Cross of Virginia is mobilizing to assist Texans as Hurricane Beryl nears the Lone Star State. Two dedicated volunteers will leave for San Antonio, Texas as part of a nationwide Red Cross effort aimed at helping communities recover from the impending storm.

“We’re coming together to be able to do a number of things,” said Jonathan McNamara, Red Cross of Virginia’s communications director. “We’ll support emergency shelters, go into neighborhoods to deliver relief supplies, as well as serve meals out of vehicles like the one that is coming from Richmond.”

Comprehensive Aid Efforts

The Red Cross volunteers will be providing more than just physical aid. McNamara emphasized the importance of emotional support during such traumatic events. “We’ll also be delivering psychological first aid and emotional care,” he explained. “We know that these types of events are incredibly traumatic for all those communities. Fortunately, we have all our volunteers trained in all of these lines of service to be able to support the people impacted by this work.”

Nationwide Coordination

This deployment is part of a broader, coordinated effort by the Red Cross to mitigate the impact of Hurricane Beryl, which is anticipated to cause significant damage in the coming days. The volunteers’ mission includes not only setting up and supporting emergency shelters but also distributing essential relief supplies directly to affected neighborhoods and serving meals from specialized vehicles.

Call to Action

The volunteers will begin their cross-country drive on Saturday morning, demonstrating the commitment and readiness of the Red Cross to respond swiftly to natural disasters. The organization encourages public support for their efforts. To contribute to the mission and support the volunteers, individuals can visit the Red Cross website for more information and to make donations.

Donald Wolfe

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