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Tom Segura brings his Come Together tour to Roanoke’s Berglund Center

Roanoke, Virginia – Get ready to fill your evening with laughter as Tom Segura, one of the brightest stars in the comedy world, brings his latest tour to Roanoke. Segura, fresh off his ‘I’m Coming Everywhere World Tour,’ is set to appear at the Berglund Center, promising a night of humor and entertainment.

The “Come Together” tour, kicking off on July 12th, is already catching the public’s eye with three of its dates sold out due to high demand. Segura’s appeal isn’t just in his tours; he has also made a significant mark through his Netflix specials and multiple podcasts, which have won him fans around the globe.

Originating from Cincinnati, Ohio, Segura’s journey in comedy began in the local stand-up scene, balancing daytime jobs with nighttime performances. His relentless dedication soon catapulted him into the limelight, leading to roles in popular movies like ‘Instant Family.’ Beyond acting, Segura has also ventured into writing, adding author to his list of roles after releasing a book that dives into the comedic aspects of his experiences.

As he continues to expand his influence in the entertainment industry, fans and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing his unique brand of comedy live in Roanoke. For tickets, schedules, and more information about Tom Segura’s appearance at the Berglund Center, be sure to visit his official website. Don’t miss the chance to see why Segura has become one of the most beloved figures in modern comedy.

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