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Rising water levels expected on New and Roanoke Rivers due to increased power generation

Roanoke, Virginia – Recreational users of the New and Roanoke Rivers downstream of Claytor and Leesville dams should prepare for rising water levels starting early next week. Appalachian Power (AEP) announced on Friday that due to forecasted high temperatures, water levels could begin to rise as soon as 7 a.m. on Monday.

Potential for Rapid Water Level Changes

AEP has indicated that the water levels may fluctuate throughout the middle of the week. This adjustment is a response to the National Weather Service’s forecast of high temperatures. The independent regional transmission organization managing AEP has notified the company that it may need to increase power generation at its hydroelectric plants to ensure the reliability of the regional electric grid.

According to AEP, water levels below Claytor Dam could rise by up to two feet in a matter of minutes. Below Leesville Dam, water levels could increase by as much as eight feet over a seven-hour period. These changes are significant and could impact recreational activities on the rivers.

Safety and Monitoring

“We’re also told that levels could fluctuate throughout the middle of the week,” AEP mentioned. They urge those considering recreational activities on these rivers to monitor their website for additional information and updates.

The increased water levels are directly linked to the need for higher power generation during periods of extreme heat. AEP’s hydroelectric plants play a critical role in maintaining the stability of the regional electric grid during such times.

Recreational users are advised to stay informed and exercise caution as water levels can change rapidly, posing potential risks. For the latest updates and safety information, visit AEP’s website.

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