Governor Glenn Youngkin announces major economic win as aerospace leader JKOZ Engineering brings high-tech jobs to Virginia in $3.7 million expansion

Virginia – Governor Glenn Youngkin announced earlier this week that JKOZ Engineering, a service-disabled veteran-owned business specializing in engineering, technology, and product development, will invest $3.7 million to relocate from Temecula, California, to the Town of Blackstone in Nottoway County, Virginia. This relocation and expansion project is set to create 45 new jobs in the region. Virginia successfully competed with Georgia, North Carolina, and West Virginia to secure this significant investment.

A Strategic Move to Virginia

JKOZ Engineering designs and produces custom seals, gaskets, and other components for the defense and aerospace industry. The company’s decision to move to Virginia reflects the state’s strategic advantages. Governor Youngkin highlighted Virginia’s prominence in the aerospace and defense sectors, stating, “JKOZ Engineering’s decision to expand and relocate in the Commonwealth of Virginia is an acknowledgement that Virginia is the epicenter of the aerospace and defense industry.”

Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick also celebrated the decision, noting Virginia’s favorable business climate and its large population of veterans, which aligns with JKOZ Engineering’s values and operational needs. She remarked, “This service-disabled veteran-owned business has recognized Virginia for its world-class business climate, premier location, and a place for successful innovation and growth.”

Local Impact and Support

The relocation to Blackstone is expected to have a significant positive impact on the local economy. Town of Blackstone Mayor L. Benjamin Green expressed his pride in welcoming JKOZ Engineering, highlighting the benefits of job creation, increased tax revenue, and stimulation of local demand for goods and services. “This move promises to boost the local economy by creating jobs, increasing tax revenue, and stimulating demand for goods and services,” he said.

Senator Tammy Mulchi echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of JKOZ Engineering’s investment in strengthening the local economy. “Their $3.7 million investment to relocate and expand here will create 45 new jobs, strengthening our local economy and community,” she said. Delegate Lee Ware also praised the relocation, citing Blackstone’s proximity to Fort Barfoot and its appeal to personnel from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as strategic advantages.

Strategic Partnerships and Investment

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership collaborated with Nottoway County to secure the project for Virginia. Governor Youngkin approved a $125,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund to assist with the project, demonstrating the state’s commitment to attracting high-quality businesses. Additionally, funding and services to support employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

Chris Kozloski, president and CEO of JKOZ Engineering, highlighted the strong support and strategic advantages that influenced the decision to relocate to Virginia. “The proximity to our material suppliers, clients, and wonderful community amenities of nearby downtown Blackstone will help us scale our business as we become part of the fabric of the town we’ve grown so fond of,” he stated.

About JKOZ Engineering

JKOZ Engineering, Inc. (JEI) is a comprehensive aerospace engineering, technology, and product development firm. The company provides a range of services including design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, and distribution. JEI specializes in developing and producing legacy aerospace products, either through existing customer requirements or reverse engineering of components supplied by customers. Their engineering solutions encompass parts manufacture authority, parts obsolescence, product and process improvements, tooling, and product sourcing and distribution.

JEI has developed extensive expertise and manufacturing capabilities related to aircraft structural seals, seal assemblies, and ancillary components, primarily providing replacement and re-engineered seals for the U.S. Air Force. The move to Virginia is expected to enhance JEI’s operational efficiency and strategic reach, given the state’s robust infrastructure and proximity to key customers and suppliers.

The relocation and expansion of JKOZ Engineering to Virginia marks a significant milestone for both the company and the state. This move not only underscores Virginia’s strategic importance in the aerospace and defense industries but also promises substantial economic benefits for the Town of Blackstone and Nottoway County. The collaborative efforts of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and local authorities highlight the state’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for businesses, driving innovation, and creating job opportunities.

As JKOZ Engineering integrates into the Blackstone community, the anticipated growth and economic impact reflect the successful alignment of business objectives with regional development goals. This partnership sets a positive precedent for future investments and underscores Virginia’s appeal as a prime location for high-quality business operations and growth.

Donald Wolfe

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