Man, who learned his wife was having an affair when she received a suspicious call wrapped a cord around the woman’s neck and strangled her to death, then drove around with her body stuffed in a trash can for days trying to hide her death from the children before he poured gas on it and set it on fire; was charged!

Police officials said a 43-year-old man was arrested in connection with the death of his wife and charged with one count of open murder, arson, and destroying evidence. The man, later identified as Freddie, reportedly wrapped a cord around his wife’s neck and strangled her to death when he learned she was having an affair after she received a suspicious call about a romantic relationship.

Freddie was taken into custody and booked into a detention center. The arrest followed the discovery of a crime scene, where the burned remains of his wife, later identified as Janell, were found in a metal trash can. The body of Janell was discovered last week in a shocking state when first responders were sent to the scene regarding reports of a fire in a metal trash can. Once the fire was extinguished, they discovered Janell’s body inside.

According to the arrest report, Freddie confessed to investigators that he confronted his wife over a “suspicious phone call” about another relationship, which led him to strangle her in a fit of rage. He then went to great lengths to conceal his crime. After he strangled her, he wrapped the body in blankets, stuffed it inside a trash can, and placed it inside his vehicle, attempting to hide her from the children. According to authorities, Freddie drove around with his wife’s body for days before he poured gas in the trash can where Janell’s body was stuffed and set it on fire.

According to the coroner’s reports, she showed signs of asphyxiation by strangulation, fractured ribs, and other injuries indicative of a violent assault. As of the latest reports, Freddie remains in custody, with the legal process underway to bring justice to the victim. The sentence and final resolution of the case are yet to be determined, but the charges laid against Freddie suggest a likely severe outcome.

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