Dating younger girlfriend comes with doubts; Pacino demanded paternity test and his life took a wild turn at the age of 83

The eminent actor Al Pacino, at the age of 83, finds himself once again in the role of a father, but not without some initial incredulity and insistence on substantiating the paternity through a DNA test.

Upon discovering his partner, Noor Alfallah, was expecting a child, Pacino purportedly requested a paternity test. His entry into the group of senior-age fathers has been unanticipated, according to TMZ, as the actor had not envisaged this in his life plan.

Pacino, known for his pivotal role in ‘Scarface’, sought a DNA test to affirm the paternity of Alfallah’s child. The actor was apparently taken aback by the pregnancy news, harboring the belief that his medical condition precluded any possibility of him fathering a child.

In response to Pacino’s request, Alfallah acquiesced to the paternity test. The conclusive results demonstrated Pacino’s paternity, counteracting his previous medical concerns.

Though news reports suggest that the actor might have been unaware of Alfallah’s pregnancy for a significant period, the Daily Mail claims that Pacino was not left uninformed about the imminent arrival of the child.

Despite the unexpected nature of the news, Pacino was reportedly elated to learn that he was going to become a father for the fourth time. The news was made public when Alfallah was already in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Alfallah and Pacino reportedly commenced their relationship in April of the previous year. An insider shared with Page Six that the pair had been enjoying each other’s company since the onset of the pandemic, indicating that their age difference doesn’t pose an issue in their relationship.

Pacino, already a father to three children – Julie Marie, Anton James, and Olivia Rose, from previous relationships with Jan Tarrant and Beverly D’Angelo respectively, is not the only veteran actor to welcome a child in his later years.

Robert De Niro, another esteemed actor, recently became a father for the seventh time at 79. While the gender of the child and the identity of the mother remain undisclosed, a representative for De Niro confirmed the birth to The Associated Press.

During the premiere of ‘About My Father’, De Niro spoke candidly with Brittnee Blair from ET Canada about his latest parenthood experience. Unphased by the news, he confidently stated he was not surprised by the development and added that such events cannot be planned. Expressing his comfort with the situation, he confirmed that the process of becoming a father again doesn’t necessarily get simpler with time. De Niro is a father to five other children from his previous marriages to Diahne Abbott and Grace Hightower.

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