Elmwood Park gears up for strongman competitions and wellness fest

Roanoke, Virginia – The Star City Strongfest, an annual event set to begin in September, promises both engaging family activities and impressive strongman competitions.

Scheduled for September 30 at Elmwood Park, from 9 am to 6 pm, the event will spotlight two prominent Strongman competitions: the “8th annual Star City Strongman” and the “u90kg Professional Strongman League.”

Leigh Stover, the Director of Strongfest, noted, “While the event is going to be highlighted by lifting events, we want to stress the fact that it is a festival focused on community wellness. We are still open to vendors, sponsors & volunteers, our swag store is open for shirt sales online right now, and all proceeds benefit the Partnership for Community Wellness.”

Though it predominantly features amateur participants, the festival will also host the Professional Strongman League competition, attracting professional athletes globally. Adding to the event’s prestige, it will be graced by special guest judges, with Bobby Thompson, recognized as America’s Strongest Man, among them. Notably, the victor of the u90 weight class at Star City will earn a place in next year’s u90 pro competition.

Beyond the competitions, the Strongfest aims to shed light on diverse aspects of wellness. Attendees can expect to learn about holistic approaches, physical fitness strategies, and mental health resources.

The event is in collaboration with the Partnership for Community Wellness, a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering community wellness through research, education, and fostering human connections. Furthermore, The Noke Training, LLC will be an integral part of hosting the event.

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