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Woman, who helped her boyfriend kill 4-year-old girl and planned to keep victim’s 6-year-old sister, whom they previously assaulted as slave after killing their mother, faces death sentence

Mississippi – In a deeply disturbing case that has caught the attention of both local and national authorities, a 32-year-old woman, identified as V. Cox, has been indicted on severe charges, including capital murder and conspiracy to kidnap and se-uaIIy assault a minor. The indictment follows the shocking discovery of a 4-year-old girl’s body in Mississippi and the rescue of her 6-year-old sister from grim conditions.

On June 13, law enforcement officers made a distressing discovery in a wooded area. They found the body of 4-year-old E. Brunett and rescued her sister from a pit behind a home. Police Chief J. Wade expressed his disturbance over the findings, highlighting the presence of cages that intensified the horrific nature of the scene.

Cox, along with her 36-year-old boyfriend, D. Callihan, faces charges of capital murder in connection with the death of young Brunett. The charges suggest that the murder occurred during the commission of a kidnapping—both children were allegedly taken from their home after their mother, 35-year-old C. Brunett, was murdered in Louisiana. The heinous crimes, including both the mother’s and daughter’s deaths and the kidnapping and se-ual assault of the 6-year-old girl, have led to a capital murder charge, which could result in the death penalty for Cox. According to investigators, Cox helped Callihan commit the crimes.

Callihan, who reportedly had a prior relationship with the victims’ mother, is accused of initiating the tragic events. He allegedly murdered C. Brunett on June 12, kidnapped the children, and then drove them to the property where they were later found. His arrest on June 13 followed a high-speed chase that ended in his apprehension and a subsequent confession to the crimes, including murdering the mother and the younger girl and his plans to keep the surviving child as a ‘se- slave.’

The federal complaint against Callihan details a chilling sequence of events, suggesting that after killing their mother, he was captured on surveillance footage with the two girls before they were taken to the residence Witnesses and evidence collected at the scene corroborate the presence of the children at this location, where they were reportedly kept in a pit.

Callihan’s confession and the physical evidence found at the crime scene have led to quick legal action, with Cox’s indictment marking a significant step towards justice for the victims. Her alleged involvement in both the kidnapping and subsequent abuse of the girls paints a gruesome picture of the ordeal they endured.  Cox awaits her trial and potential sentencing, which could include the death penalty given the gravity of her charges. As investigations continue, law enforcement remains vigilant in bringing all involved to justice, ensuring such tragedies are prevented in the future.

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